The advantages of buying oranges online with us

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You can buy seasonal oranges online and receive your order directly at your home. We select and hand-pack the most delicious oranges and clementines, which you will receive within 24 hours thanks to an agile, fast and efficient transport.

At Naranjas Ribera del Júcar we send our best oranges from Valencia to all of Spain. Directly from the tree to your home in 24 hours.

Our boxes of table oranges, juice oranges and mixed contain the best oranges in Valencia. You can buy our oranges online or by calling our phone 96 241 00 66/680 543 132 to place your order. Also by whatsapp. We will be delighted to assist you. Go ahead and try the best oranges in Valencia!

Our orange is beautiful, fresh and sweet. It does not contain seeds and its skin is easily shed.

Start taking care of your health and that of yours by eating 100% natural oranges. Oranges are rich in vitamin C, flavonoids and contain a multitude of beneficial properties for the body: they fight cancer, flu, take care of your skin...

We have seasonal fruit always freshly picked from the orange trees of Carcaixent (Valencia). Town known as "the cradle of the orange" and with the total guarantee of Naranjas Ribera del Júcar.

The ideal gift for your family and friends: a box of oranges. Surprise them by buying oranges online and sending them by surprise. You can place the order and buy oranges and / or mandarins with so that the recipient will receive the box at home. The perfect gift for Christmas!

You can place your order through our online orange sales website or by phone. We have two sizes: 10kg and 15kg.

Our recommendation is to buy 15kg oranges at home, since having more oranges in the same shipment, it will be cheaper and it will take longer to run out of oranges. Perfect for orange lovers, families and anyone who takes care of their health and plays sports.

We deliver the box of oranges to your home. Do not load your back and avoid uncomfortable trips to the greengrocer or supermarket to buy orange of which you do not know the origin (South Africa, Argentina, Morocco,…). Our orange is from Valencia and the transport includes depositing the box to the door of your house and even your kitchen if you wish (whether or not you have an elevator). Your back will thank you!

All included in the price when you buy oranges online with us. No surprises. And you can pay safely by transfer, with paypal or debit or credit card, or even cash on delivery when you receive your box of oranges, at no additional cost to you.

Since our oranges are fresh (they do not go through cold stores, industrial processes, and without intermediaries), the fruit will be in perfect condition for more than 15 days if it is kept in a ventilated place. They are also so fresh and sweet that you will finish them in a few days and you will want to repeat.

If you are a customer who usually orders orange online on a regular basis, we advise you to call us to get a special discount.

The advantages of buying oranges online or by phone with Naranjas Ribera del Júcar are many: Comfort, quality, speed, freshness, designation of origin, customer service, and reliability.

Maximum quality in all our fruits and with 150 years of experience growing citrus in the Ribera Alta of Valencia. With all the love of the Magraner family.

Remember that when you send oranges directly freshly picked from the orange tree to your home, we only serve orders during the orange season in the Valencian Community (from the end of October or the beginning of November, until the end of May or the beginning of June). For the same reason we have the following varieties, according to the month: Navelinas, Navel-late, Navel-lane-late, Navel-Powel and Valencias.


Our philosophy is to give the best of ourselves and of our fields. We select exclusively for you the best oranges and clementines: getting that sweet taste with a touch of acid so delicious, appearance, presentation and size. We will make you smile when you taste our oranges.


Oranges and clementines always freshly picked from the tree. We only send seasonal fruit (orange is from November to June). Directly from the field to your home in less than 24 hours so it is at its ideal point, preserving all its properties. It never goes through warehouses, cold rooms, nor will they receive subsequent waxing treatments, etc. It is as if you yourself went to the field and chose your own fruit. You have to take care of your health!


Imagine how comfortable it is to open the door and… TACHÁN !! You already have the oranges at your house.

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